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Twins Day

Awkward Family Photo

The main reason to invest in A.Griff is the heartfelt passion I have for capturing memories. I love being a creative director and part of the fun for me is getting to know my client, helping them express themselves creatively and capturing the real you, not just a posed smile. My favorite pictures are when you give a loved one that special look or are laughing so hard that you forget about the camera. The real moments in life are what I'm known for.

Learning and traveling are my favorite things in the world! Learning how to create beautiful memories for clients is something I have studied, traveled the world for and dedicated the past 15 years to. As a nod to my nerdy side, I invest in and learn about the latest techniques, equipment, and styles bringing my clients the latest and greatest in photography. I am a firm believer in making my clients very happy campers, so if something doesn't work for you, I am happy to accommodate!

Yet, the number one reason to invest in photography with A.Griff, is because shooting with me is a fun, laid back, and an authentically you experience.

Clothing will make or break a photo and its a key element in making a dynamic photo. Its also essential in avoiding the classic Awkward Family Photo.

Be creative with different patterns and textures. Laying is a great idea, chunky sweaters, scarves, bangles, vests, jackets, ribbons, ruffles, fur, ties, tights, funky shoes, hats, if you love it, let's use it!

Group outfits should coordinate but not be like its Twins Day in High School. Making everyone look their unique self brings out everyones individuality and in return a better photo.

Props make for great photo extras and can be as simple as a flower or balloons, baskets, antique pieces, bikes, glasses, a tea set, you name it. For those of you with a sense of humor, outrageous props are always encouraged!!!!!

Above all, relax and remember the more fun you have, the more you're going to love that photo. After all, that is the whole point, isn't it?


Photoshoot sessions are an hour at one or two of your favorite places in the same area.

My creative juices are always flowing so ask me if youre not sure where you want your photos to take place. The more color and texture in a location the better your photo will be. I love old cars, buildings, anything with chipped paint, antique everything, old houses and barns, large doors. Lets get creative with it.

Packages include cd of images and private online viewing where you can buy images on your own time. Clients have a choice to sit down with A. Griff and choose the unedited photos with her or can be sent a private online locked gallery.

Any client wishing for additional photos will be charged $15 per additional photo. Client's can have 3 photos re-edited before you will be charged per photo. Travel fee's apply for out of South Tampa.